About Us
Our paths have divinely led us to this point.
With a Bachelor of Divinity Degree and a Master of Theology Degree, John was ordained as a minister in the United Presbyterian Church and in the Universal Life Church. After working as a coordinator in community corrections, John became a coordinator of mentor services reaching out to homeless families living in poverty.  He leads an ongoing study group in A Course in Miracles.
Grace ‘s life journey has been broad and deep. She earned a Bachelor degree and a Master of Education and has extensive training in leadership and conflict resolution. She has taught children and conducted workshop for teachers and trainers. Her skills as an organizer, developer, fund raiser and facilitator have been utilized by a non-profit organization for gifted children in London, Texas school districts, Dallas area Unity Churches, a Dallas community volunteer group, and Dallas area and other Texas businesses.
One Light Ministry Mission - Our purpose is to teach and be students of a Spiritual path in which we practice forgiveness- the key to uncovering the peace, joy, and love which resides in Oneness everywhere & always.
One Light MInistry Vision - We see a world in which people choose love before fear, forgiveness before grievances, healing before pain, and peace before conflict.
If you would be a happy learner, you must give everything you have learned
to the Holy Spirit to be unlearned for you.
A Course in Miracles (ACIM)