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Rites of Passage
Life's transitions deserve intentional passage.  Plan your celebration or ritual to accomplish that end...to "become more conscious of all your relationships, inner and outer, and with your sense of Spirit, until you recognize it as a sense of unity or oneness among all things."  (The Art of Ritual, Beck & Metrick)


Weddings are joyous occasions.  The ceremony celebrating your union and purpose should reflect your intention, after falling in love, to live & learn in love.  One Light Ministry will help you design your wedding tailored to your values, wants, and desires.
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Funerals & Memorials

When loved ones set aside their bodies, those of us remaining will have a need to express our sorrow.  Grief and mourning as well as remembering joyous, loving moments encompass the experience.  One Light Ministry will help you celebrate the life of your Loved One while fully processing the experience.
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Divorce Blessings

We proclaim it is possible to fall in love, live in love, learn in love, and part in love.  Successful marriages may end in divorce.  Let us help you bless your marriage experience, your learning, and your intention to continue on a positive path with new understanding.
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Coming of Age

Coming of age is important for parent and youth alike.  It is a time of leaving one era and entering another.  For both parent and youth to mark this important place in life can be a memorable milestone.  Let us help you design a celebration that transports your youth into adulthood.

Child Welcoming

Child Welcoming – A new addition to the family community creates waves and showers all members with blessings and responsibilities.  This service acknowledges the commitment of all as it shares the joy that emanates from the child to all who are touched.  Let us help you design your unique celebration.

Customized Ritual

Life's Passages are many and varied:  moving to another location, different job, searching for a new job, breaking up a relationship.  Each has it's own significance to your life and you deserve to realize it.  We can help you design your own celebration or ritual to help with the transition moving away from the old into positive territory.
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